PayFlow Docs

What is PayFlow

PayFlow (PFT) is a decentralized, secure token based on the BNB Smart Chain.
PayFlow is here to simplify your experience in the BSC space by specialized upcoming developed systems. With high goals to make your following tasks easier and simpler.
Such as trading, which includes buy and sell functions. And PayFlow Payment system, with functions to make online payments, with as low commissions as it can be.
We are seriously focused on product speed and performance. Main strengths are in the team, who are Technical development gurus, by making developments for living. PFT has also gathered the strong team, with teammates from all over the world.
The strength is also in their transparency, because they have nothing to hide! Team is fully Doxxed, Safe, and contract has been audited.
You also find articles, which will let you know more about PayFlow (PFT).
More information about PayFlow and our features: