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What is PayFlowSwap
​PayFlowSwap powered by PayFlow (PFT) is the next DeFi multi-dashboard.
PayFlow(Swap) aims to arrange all transactions within one platform to make crypto payments easy and accessible and allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without a centralized intermediary, keeping custody of your tokens all the while.
Our sleek design and speed gives you a way to swap your cryptocurrency/tokens fast and secure and by giving loss free passive income through staking pools and more.

PayFlowSwap features:

β€’ Buy/Sell, Swap any token.
β€’ Use buy/sell limit-orders.
β€’ Add liquidity to any token.
β€’ View transactions made with your wallet.
β€’ View all the NFTs you are holding in your connected wallet. (COMING SOON)
β€’ Acquire assets with fiat money and pay with: Credit card,SEPA transfer,Apple Pay & Google Pay on our buy page. (COMING SOON)
β€’ Stake tokens and earn passive income for more then 365 days.
(More features will be added overtime, keep an eye on our socials/roadmap).

Low transaction fees

PayFlowSwap runs on the BNB Smart Chain, a blockchain with lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin.
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PayFlowSwap features:
Low transaction fees